Client: Travel Channel

Keyart created for Booze Traveler. This show did not have an established host when it debuted, so we had to go in a different direction than many of our designs where we go for a "hero" image. So as we approached this design we wanted to highlight two things. The idea of "cheers" in many languages, as well as the idea of location. We ended up with this approach of our host, Jack Maxwell (left), sharing a drink with a new friend.

Starting Image

We weren't able to get a photoshoot in time, so we had to start from this rough production still that had been shot during taping of the first season. As you can see, they weren't even holding glasses. Many times in production you have to be able to produce things that aren't there in real life, or take things away that were. In this instance we had to add their drinks, as well as an entirely fantastic location for them to be sitting in.