Client: Travel Channel

This was my favorite project while at Travel Channel. I saw a short sizzle about the show and even though it was pretty highbrow for the type of programming normally associated with Travel, I was engrossed. The idea of a show that brings two groups of people together that literally hate one another, and sits them down to a meal spoke to me on many levels. For this key art we wanted to show beauty as well as destruction as many of the episodes would be in war torn areas. We didn't want to gloss over that fact. But we wanted the environment to also show hope which was brought out in the beauty of the sky as well as the inviting dinner table.

Press Kit

As we launched this show, I also worked on a press kit that was sent to members of the media in hopes that they would write favorably about the show. This kit had a gate fold cover with a digital TV screen embed into the inside that automatically began playing a sizzle reel from the show when opened. It was truly a very cool and memorable piece that we were able to put into people's hands.

Rejected Concept

This was my first concept which really went after breaking down walls, or borders. But the element that was missing was the invitation to a meal.