Client: Travel Channel

This was my largest project and one that I was given more responsibility than just creating the key art for the show. I was invited to New York for the photoshoot with Anthony Melchiorri, and allowed to art direct the shoot. We also teamed up with Indigo Studios to create an animation of Anthony walking into the scene and pulling a rope that dropped a 3D sheet covering a 3D hotel. I was involved with giving direction and feedback to Indigo as they created these assets. I also put together examples of what the hotel should look like before they built it out. From there these assets were used in many cross platform campaigns, from full page takeovers on CNN to ads on Huffington Post and Expedia. It was a blast watching it all come together.

We created two scenes. One in daylight, with the sheet still covering the hotel, and one in twilight with the sheet removed. This is the "before" image.